Starting From Scratch

How to Solve a Flea Infestation

Say Goodbye to Fleas

Correctly Apply Treatment

Getting rid of dog fleas or cat fleas requires time and work to break its three life-cycle stages (eggs, larvae, adults). But don’t worry — it’s so doable! And we’re here to help.

Correctly Apply Treatment

Apply flea treatment

Always apply monthly treatment the day it's delivered. Follow full instructions, including avoiding bathing pet for 48 hours before and after.

All Pets Need Protection

Protect all pets

Ensure all pets in your household are protected from fleas & ticks by PetFriendly — otherwise, unprotected pets will re-infect the others.

Protect Your Home

Safeguard your home

You must treat your home. We suggest a household spray containing an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). Contact us for a recommendation.

Additional Treatment

Treat as needed

For particularly difficult flea cases, you can apply PetFriendly treatment once per week for up to one month, then monthly thereafter. Contact us to request additional treatments.


Happy to help

For more detailed tips and instructions, visit our resource center.
And if you’ve followed all above directions and still see issues — contact us!

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