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Dogs are important family members but often have unique health needs. As pet parents ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to find reliable pet information. Which is why we created this resource center for dog parents.

This dog blog covers topics ranging from dealing with fleas and ticks to understanding what supplements are good for dogs. We’ve got tips, tricks, and simple steps that help you support your dog’s health. Explore our dog articles to find everything you need to give your dog the best life possible.

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Dog Articles

Complete Food Guide: What Can Dogs Eat and What They Can't

Are you wondering, "what can dogs eat?" Here's a guide to what foods are safe — and what to avoid.

15 Common Dog Health Problems and Solutions for Dog Parents

Some dog health problems are inevitable. But, there are plenty of ways to treat these health issues.

What Can I Give My Dog for Allergies Over-the-Counter & More

Asking yourself, "What can I give my dog for allergies?" Read our guide to all the solutions.

12 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog for Better Behavior

Training doesn't have to be a drag. Learn our 12 easy tricks to teach your dog for better behavior.

Why, When, and How Often Should You Brush Your Dogs' Teeth

How often should you brush your dog's teeth? Get the answer, plus some helpful tips.

45 Dog Training Tips for First-Time Pet Parents

Looking for dog training tips? Here are 45 tips and tricks for new pet parents.

Are Calming Treats Safe For Dogs and Are There Any Benefits

Are calming treats safe for dogs? What's the big deal? Keep reading to find out.

Dog Basics: The Anatomy of a Dog

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of dog anatomy.

Ultimate Holiday Pet Guide: 75 Pet-Friendly Holiday Ideas

Make the most of the holidays for your best friend with one of our 75 pet-friendly holiday ideas.

A Guide to Pet-Friendly Vacations in Every State

No matter your destination, get prepared with our pet-friendly vacations guide.

Hiking With Dogs: 7 Safety Tips and 10 Dog-Friendly Trails

Before you hit the trail, check out these helpful tips and tricks for hiking with dogs.

What Supplements Should I Give My Dog and Why

Have you ever wondered "What supplements should I give my dog?" Here's a list for you.

The Ultimate Guide to The Best Dental Products for Dogs

Looking for the best dental products for dogs? Explore our list of the best products for oral health.

What Vaccines Do Dogs Need Yearly? 5 Benefits of Vaccines for Dogs

If you're wondering "what vaccines do dogs need," check out this helpful list of annual vaccinations.

How to Calm a Dog Down in 6 Simple Steps

Anxious pup? Learn how to calm a dog down in these quick, easy steps.

What Fruits Can Dogs Eat (And Which Ones To Avoid)

Keep reading to learn which fruits are safe for dogs to snack on.

New Dog Checklist: 15 Tips for New Dog Owners

Bring your new furry best friend home with confidence when you follow our new dog checklist.

How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer: 10 Tips

It's important to protect your pup in the heat. Learn how to keep your dog cool in the summer.

How to Trim Your Dog's Nails Safely at Home: Tips & Tools

Learn how to trim your dog's nails the right way and how often you should do it.

Pain Relief for Dogs: 6 Causes and Solutions for Pet Parents

From supplements to therapies, explore effective pain relief for dogs.

How to Choose the Right Treatment for Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Learn how to choose the best treatment for hip dysplasia in dogs with this helpful article.

What Veggies Can Dogs Eat (And Which Ones To Avoid)

Wondering, "what veggies can dogs eat?" Keep reading to learn which are safe and which to avoid.

Which Dog Breed is Right For Me, Plus 8 Popular Dog Breeds

Take our quiz and discover the most popular breeds to answer: "which dog breed is right for me?"

What Can I Give My Dog For Joint Pain and Hip Problems

Wondering "what can I give my dog for joint pain?" There are tons of solutions to support your dog.

What is Heartworm in Dogs and How Do You Prevent It

Be a responsible pet parent and learn what is heartworm in dogs, plus how to prevent it.

10 Symptoms of Heartworm in Dogs + Treatment Tips

Learn the most common symptoms of heartworm in dogs, plus how you can treat them.

Why Dogs Lick Their Paws: 11 Causes and Solutions

There are many reasons why dogs lick their paws. Learn why and how to treat them.

What is Hip Dysplasia in Dogs: Causes, Signs, and Prevention

Keep reading to learn what is hip dysplasia in dogs, how to identify it, and how to treat it.

How to Travel With a Dog: 15 Safety Tips

Planning a trip? Check out our helpful tips for how to travel with a dog.

Vitamin C for Dogs: Can Dogs Have Vitamin C

Learn why vitamin C for dogs is so important and how it boosts their health and well-being.

Are Probiotics Good for Dogs and Do Dogs Need Them

Have you ever wondered, "Are probiotics good for dogs?" We've got the full scoop.

Do Dogs Need Vitamins? 15 Key Dog Vitamins and Minerals

Do dogs need vitamins? We've got 15 dog vitamins and minerals you should consider.

Can Dogs Get Lice? Everything You Should Know About Dog Lice

Can dogs get lice? The short answer: Yes. Learn more about dog lice and how to avoid it.

What is the Safest Heartworm Prevention for Dogs

Keep reading to discover the safest heartworm prevention for dogs. Plus, why prevention matters.

How Do Dogs Get Ear Infections + Tips For Preventing One

Keep reading to learn how do dogs get ear infections, plus treatment tips.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs & What Kills Fleas Instantly

Flea problem? Get rid of it fast by learning what kills fleas instantly on dogs and for good.

What Does a Tick Look Like on a Dog + Places to Look

If you're wondering, "what does a tick look like on a dog," we've got you covered & where to look.

How to Prevent Ticks on Dogs: 13 Prevention Tips

Ticks can be tricky to get rid of. Learn how to prevent tick on dogs with these 13 tips.

How to Treat a Tick Bite on a Dog and Avoid Disease

Ticks, be gone! Learn how to find and treat a tick bite on a dog. Plus, how to prevent ticks altogether.

Do Dogs Get Allergies: 9 Common Dog Allergy Symptoms

Do dogs get allergies? They do — keep reading to learn common symptoms and how to treat them.

How to Remove a Tick From a Dog The Right Way

Learn how to remove a tick from a dog safely with the right tools and preventative treatments.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Treats (and Vice Versa)

Can dogs eat cat treats? How about the other way around? Keep reading to learn if it's safe.

Vitamin D for Dogs: Do Dogs Need Vitamin D

Do dogs need vitamin D? Find out why vitamin D for dogs keeps your pup healthy.

Fleas on Dogs: What Are Fleas and What Do They Look Like

We've got all the ins and outs of fleas on dogs, plus the best ways to get rid of them.

4 Common Types of Ticks on Dogs and What to Expect

What's that brown bug? Learn how to identify the four most common types of ticks on dogs.

Does My Dog Need Heartworm Prevention: 13 Myths and Facts

If you're wondering "Does my dog need heartworm prevention," the answer is yes.

Flea Bites on Dogs: 7 Signs Your Dog Has Fleas

It can be difficult to tell why your dog is scratching. Learn the signs of flea bites on dogs.

Do Mosquitoes Bite Dogs and Are They Dangerous

Ever wondered, "Do mosquitoes bite dogs?" Click to learn the dangers of mosquito bites.

Bad Breath in Dogs: Why Does My Dog Have Bad Breath

Believe it or not, bad breath in dogs isn't normal. Learn how to keep your dog's breath fresh.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs & Do Natural Remedies Work

Learn how to get rid of fleas on dogs and whether or not natural remedies are the best choice.

The What, When, and Why of Scheduling a Dog Check Up

Learn the ins and outs of scheduling a dog check-up and why your pup needs them every year.

What’s the Best Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs and Cats

What's the best topical flea treatment for dogs and cats? Look no further than this article.

When and How Does Flea Medicine Work on Dogs and Cats

Have you ever wondered, “How does flea medicine work?" Keep reading to find out.

When to Start Flea and Tick Treatment For Puppies & Kittens

Learn when to start flea and tick treatment for puppies and kittens and its importance.

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