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Cats are magical creatures with unique health needs. As pet parents ourselves, we know how hard it is to find the right information. That’s why we created this resource center dedicated to cats.

This cat blog includes tips, tricks, and simple steps for dealing with fleas to giving your cat the best life possible. Explore our cat articles to find everything you need to know about treating and caring for your cat.

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Cat Articles

Why Do Cats Love Catnip: Effects, Benefits, and Tips for Use

Why do cats love catnip? Keep reading to learn why this herb is so popular amongst cats.

14 Common Cat Health Problems and Solutions

Here are the most common cat health problems pet parents should be aware of and why.

How to Cat-Proof Your House for the Holidays

Enjoy the holidays with no risks when you learn how to cat-proof your house for the season.

New Cat Guide: 10 Tips for New Cat Owners

New kitty? Learn the ins and outs of bringing a cat home with our new cat guide for pet parents.

21 Cat Enrichment Ideas and Activities for Anxious Cats

Check out these easy cat enrichment ideas and activities to keep your cat entertained.

What Vitamins Do Cats Need and Where To Find Them

If you're wondering what vitamins do cats need, check out our guide to cat vitamins.

How to Teach a Cat Tricks: Benefits, Tips, & 5 Tricks to Try

Tricks aren't just for dogs. Learn how to teach a cat tricks for better behavior, or just for fun.

How to Travel With a Cat: 15 Questions and Safety Tips

Before you start your vacation, learn how to travel with a cat safely and efficiently.

How to Calm Down a Cat in 5 Simple Steps

Anxious kitty? Learn how to calm down a cat with these five easy steps for pet parents.

What Plants are Poisonous to Cats, Plus 10 Safe Options

Keep your cat safe in your home by learning what plants are poisonous to cats.

Do Cat Pheromones Work and What Are The Benefits

Do cat pheromones work? The answer might surprise you. Discover the benefits for your cat.

Cat Basics: The Anatomy of a Cat

Knowing the anatomy of a cat can help you develop a better connection with your pet.

Tapeworm in Cats: What They Are and How to Prevent Them

Learn how to identify tapeworm in cats and how to prevent them from showing up at all.

What Causes UTI in Cats & How to Treat a UTI at Home

Find out what causes UTIs in cats and how to treat and prevent them right from home.

What Vaccines Do Cats Need and Why They're Important

Keep your cat healthy with our list of what vaccines cats need and their importance.

The What, When, and Why of Scheduling a Cat Check-Up

Learn the ins and outs of scheduling a cat check-up and why your cat needs them.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats & Prevent a Flea Infestation

Itchy cat? Explore how to get rid of fleas on cats and prevent infestations in your home.

What You Should Know About Ticks on Cats and How to Remove

Learn all about ticks on cats and how to remove them to avoid disease and major illness.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Treats (and Vice Versa)

Can dogs eat cat treats? How about the other way around? Keep reading to learn if it's safe.

The Complete Guide to Cat Fleas: The Who, What, and How

Learn all about cat fleas and how to keep your cat flea-free with our complete guide.

Which Cat Breed is Right For Me, Plus 8 Popular Breeds

Are you wondering "which cat breed is right for me?" Take our quiz to find your match.

What’s the Best Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs and Cats

What's the best topical flea treatment for dogs and cats? Look no further than this article.

When and How Does Flea Medicine Work on Dogs and Cats

Have you ever wondered, “How does flea medicine work?" Keep reading to find out.

When to Start Flea and Tick Treatment For Puppies & Kittens

Learn when to start flea and tick treatment for puppies and kittens and its importance.

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