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10 Benefits of Bringing Pets to Work

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Olivia Bornemeier, MBA

Tech companies like Google, Amazon, and PetFriendly are known for allowing dogs and cats in the workplace. Having pets at work may seem chaotic, but there are many benefits to bringing pets to work.

In this article, we'll cover 10 benefits of bringing your pet to work. Plus, tips for pet parents who want to bring pets to the office.

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10 benefits of bringing your pet to work

If your employer has a dog-friendly policy, consider bringing your furry friend to work with you. There are many benefits of bringing dogs and cats to work.

1. Allowing pets in the workplace reduces pet owners' stress.

Allowing pets in the workplace reduces pet owners' stress

Being around pets is proven to be effective at reducing stress. Working alongside your pet makes you happier and gives you a sense of comfort in your workplace.

2. Pets can increase productivity and creativity.

Pets can increase productivity and creativity

Allowing dogs in the workplace may open doors for higher productivity and more creativity. Happier, less stressed employees are more productive and passionate about their work.

3. Furry friends can improve your company image.

Furry friends can improve your company image

Dog-friendly policies are a benefit for employees working at a pet-friendly workplace. Happy employees may spread the word about their company's new pet policy and boost their image.

4. Dog behavior inspires physical activity.

Dog behavior inspires physical activity

Dogs require exercise, enrichment, and — of course — potty breaks. Employees in pet-friendly workplaces feel happier and reduced stress levels. And, they typically have better physical health.

5. Dogs in a pet-friendly workplace get better socialization.

Dogs in a pet-friendly workplace get better socialization

Having a company culture that is dog-friendly is not only beneficial for dog owners but also for dogs. Dogs who are exposed to a pet-friendly workplace may be better socialized than if they were left alone at home.

6. Dogs increase teamwork.

Dogs increase teamwork

Pet ownership requires sacrifice and hard work. Having a co-worker or employee who is a pet parent may mean they are better at working with others to accomplish goals.

7. Pet-friendly workplaces have better employee retention.

Pet-friendly workplaces have better employee retention

Employee retention is highly important in corporate culture. If your employees are happy with the environment they work in and appreciate the company's culture, they are more willing to stay.

8. Pets improve office morale and attract new talent.

Pets improve office morale and attract new talent

Not only do pets reduce stress, they also make people feel good. Research shows that having pets at work may improve your overall office morale.

Having a dog-friendly office may attract new hires. Bringing pets to the workplace comes with increased responsibility, but having pet-friendly policies may be more attractive to job candidates than companies without them.

9. Pet-friendly workplaces save employees money.

Pet-friendly workplaces save employees money

It is no secret that pet ownership comes with expenses. From pet insurance to vet visits, pet parents can expect to spend their hard-earned cash on their furry companion.

But, having a dog-friendly workplace may save employees the money they would have spent on doggy daycare. On average, pet parents with office jobs spend $35 per day on doggy daycare. That's roughly $2000 per year!

10. Pets make your workplace more fun.

Pets make your workplace more fun

Conversations about pet adoption and pet parenting may help bring co-workers in a business together. As your co-workers stop by your desk to greet your animal, you can create conversations and connections with others.

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Tips for Bring Your Pet to Work Day

Bring Your Pet to Work Day is June 21, 2024. Before bringing your pet to the office, there are some things pet parents should consider to keep their pet and others safe and happy.

Consider your pet's well-being.

Although having pets at work can positively impact social cohesion and open communication for humans, an office environment can be stressful for an anxious dog.

Cat and dog calming diffusers can help curb anxious behaviors in pets. If you have an anxious dog, consider bringing a calming diffuser or spray to work. Or, leave them at home or with a friend during the day.

Not all dogs are good office dogs.

Just because your office allows you to bring dogs doesn't mean you should. If your dog bites or barks when nervous or bored, they may disrupt your fellow employees.

Be courteous to your co-workers.

If any of your co-workers are allergic to dogs, be courteous of their space in the office. No one wants to deal with allergic reactions or other potential problems at work.

It may be hard to believe, but not all people are dog people. If you participate in bring your dog to work day, keep them on a leash tethered to your desk. Bring their favorite toys and a soft bed for them to lounge on while you work.

Allowing pets at work can improve office culture and the happiness of employees. Before bringing your animals to the office, research the pet policies of the business you work for and consider your pet's wellbeing.

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