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Beef Lung Dog Treats

Beefy Bites

An all-natural, simple-ingredient treat that dogs love! Made with 100% beef lung, our Beefy Bites are sure to make your pup’s mouth water.

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Product details

PetFriendly’s Beefy Bites are a healthy treat that dogs absolutely love. Beefy Bites are made with just one ingredient — all-natural beef lung. No artificial additives, wheat, soy, or preservatives. They are that simple! Use these high-value treats for training, applying flea & tick treatment, or simply treating your pet day-to-day.

Feeding instructions

Our tasty beef lung dog treats are perfect for dogs and cats. Supervise your pets at all times when treating and be sure to provide them with plenty of fresh drinking water. As with any pet treat, wash your hands after handling.

Tips for use

There are many reasons to treat your pet! Our beef lung dog treats are best used for:

  • Obedience training

  • Applying flea and tick treatment

  • Tricks and fun!

Important information

Beef lung dog treats should not exceed 10% of your pet's daily food intake. To avoid overconsumption of this product, break Beefy Bites into smaller bites.

Loved by dogs everywhere

A mouth-watering treat

Our Beefy Bites are the perfect size for training and applying monthly flea and tick treatments. Dogs can’t get enough of the amazing flavor and crunch. They're the perfect high-reward treat for your best friend.

All-natural beef lung

One simple ingredient, great taste

Our beef lung dog treats are made of just one ingredient — all-natural beef lung. These crunchy, delicious treats are wheat, soy, corn, and grain-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Beefy Bites for Dogs

Want to learn more? Explore our commonly asked questions about our tasty, all-natural beef lung dog treats.

What are Beefy Bites?

Beefy Bites are PetFriendly's beef lung dog treats that pups love. These delicious treats are made with 100% beef lung and are available for purchase for PetFriendly subscribers.

What's in them?

Beefy Bites are made of one single ingredient — 100% natural, 100% beef lung, 200% delicious.

Are they safe for all pets?

Our Beefy Bites are safe for dogs and cats only. Keep out of reach of children.

What’s the nutritional value of your beef lung treats?

Every dog has unique nutritional needs depending on age, breed, and activity level. Our beef lung treats cater to any dog’s diet with mostly protein and little fat.

Guaranteed analysis:

  • Crude Protein (Min): 63.00%

  • Crude Fat (Min): 6.00%

  • Crude Fiber (Max): 0.25%

  • Moisture (Max): 8.50%

Are there health benefits?

Our Beefy Bites are not a food replacement. But, they are a healthy treat option compared to other dog treats available. Our single-ingredient treat is all natural and 100% beef lung — no additives.

  • Beef lung is high in protein and low in fat. Beef lungs also have vitamins and minerals that are great for your dog.

  • Beef lung is a source of iron to help your pup’s cells carry oxygen and create red blood cells.

  • Beef lung contains vitamins A, D, E, and B12. Vitamin B12 assists in cell function and promotes your dog’s nervous system.

  • Beef lung has potassium to help your dog’s nerves and heart function properly.

How many should my dog have in a day?

Beefy Bites should be used for intermittent feeding only. Our beef lung dog treats are great to use as a high-reward treat for teaching your dog tricks or applying flea and tick treatment.

If you're looking for a daily vitamin supplement to support your dog's growth and development, check out our Daily Supplement for Dogs. Daily are chicken-flavored dog chews that have a variety of health benefits for dogs.

Where are they made?

Beefy Bites are made in the USA! We ship your Beefy Bites directly to your door from the middle of America’s heartland — Omaha, Nebraska.

What is the size of the bag?

Our Beefy Bites come in two sizes. Free snack-size bags are included for free in our subscribers' monthly boxes and are about 0.5 ounces each. 1 oz and 3.5 oz bags of our beef lung dog treats can be purchased in one-time, 6-packs, and subscriptions.

What about dogs with sensitive stomachs?

Beefy Bites are all-natural treats for dogs and cats. However, excessive use of this product can cause gastric upset if your pup has a sensitive stomach. To limit gastric irritation, only treat your pet with beef lung dog treats every so often.

If your pet has a sensitive stomach, talk to a vet before adding Beefy Bites to their diet.

Can these be used as dog training treats?

Yes! Beef lung dog treats are a great option for dogs and cats. For smaller pups and kitties, use beef lung dog treats broken into smaller pieces to use as a training treat.

Remember to only give your pet a few beef lung dog treats per day — excessive use of this product can cause gastric upset.

Do I need to store the treats in the refrigerator?

Nope! We suggest storing your beef lung treats in a cabinet or container out of reach of your pets and children.

Do the treats have a strong smell?

Our beef lung treats are dry and do not give off a strong smell. But, dogs love the taste of Beefy Bites.

Can I give Beefy Bites to puppies?

Yes! Unlike dental chews, jerky treats, rawhide chews, bully sticks, and other chews for dogs, Beefy Bites are great for a range of dog ages. But, we suggest breaking our lung treats into small pieces depending on the weight and size of your puppy.

Is this product too hard for my dog's dental health?

Our Beefy Bites are 100% dried beef lung, so the beef dries to a firmer consistency when dried. To soften, place our beef lung treats under warm water for a few seconds before treating your pet.

Beefy Bites are a great source of vitamins and nutrients that support your dog's overall health. Their crunchy consistency makes it a great treat for avoiding plaque and tartar buildup.

If you're looking for a teeth-cleaning treatment for your dog, check out our chicken-flavored Brilliant!™ Dental Stick for Dogs.

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