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Cat Calming Spray

Mellow Spray for Cats

Developed by scientists and recommended by vets, Mellow is a simple and safe cat calming spray that keeps cats calm and reduces anxious behaviors.
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Product details

Mellow is a calming spray that effectively calms cats. Developed by scientists, Mellow is vet-tested and recommended for relieving fear, stress, and anxiety in cats.

How to use

Remove the cap and spray where your cat spends their time. Mellow works instantly to help cats find their zen. For long-lasting, everyday calming support, try our Mellow Cat Calming Diffuser.

Tips for use

Mellow is safe to use on furniture, carpets, toys, and other surfaces in your home and is travel-friendly. Use two or three sprays in an area where your cat likes to live and play every day. Replace the bottle every 30 days when your next box is delivered.

Important information

Mellow is fast-acting and long-lasting, and there are no long-term side effects. Mellow is safe for use around other pets and humans.

Find your cat's zen

Good for cats and dogs

Turn your home into a peaceful sanctuary with Mellow’s calming effects. Mellow’s pheromone technology keeps your cat calm, cool, and collected.

  • Reduces fear, stress, & anxiety

  • Natural, drug-free ingredients

  • Fast-acting, long-lasting

  • Tested and developed by scientists

  • Safe for use around pets & humans

How It Works

Spray where your cat lives and plays.
Within minutes, watch as their stress melts away!
Mellow lasts for up to 75 spritzes. Recycle the bottle when you get your next box.

Cat Pheromone Spray

Vet-tested and recommended

Mellow is made with natural, safe ingredients and has no long-term side effects. Tested and developed by scientists, pheromone sprays are effective at limiting aggression and stress in cats.

“Mellow is the perfect product to help pets experiencing behavioral issues, stress, and anxiety. It mimics pheromones to curb unwanted behaviors and promote bonding.”

Dr. Ashley Vanselow, DVM

The PetFriendly Vet Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Mellow Cat Calming Spray

Want to learn more about our cat calming spray? Explore these commonly asked questions and discover the benefits you could be giving your pack.

What are cat calming sprays?

Developed by scientists and tested by vets, calming sprays reduce fear, anxiety, and stress-related behaviors in cats.

How do pheromone sprays work?

Mellow calming spray mimics calming pheromones in your pet’s environment. Simply apply a few spritzes of Mellow on your cat's scratching post, cat carrier, cat bed, and toys. Then, enjoy the calming benefits.

What does it do?

Mellow relieves fear, stress, and anxiety in cats. It’s fast-acting and long-lasting, and there are no long-term side effects. Mellow is safe for use around other pets and humans.

Can I use it on my cat?

Do not use the calming spray directly on your cat. Instead, spray your cat's environment, scratching posts, and toys for the best results.

Spraying your cat directly may cause skin irritation. Do not add Mellow cat calming spray to your cat’s water bowl or food. Ingestion of Mellow may cause gastric upset.

What are the benefits?

Aside from its stress-relieving properties, Mellow also:

  • Promotes bonding in new homes

  • Reduces litter box aggression in multi-cat households

  • Limits anxious behaviors like urine marking, urine spraying, meowing, and scratching

  • Supports trips in the car and vet visits

Learn more about how pheromones can help calm your cat.

Are there any side effects?

When used correctly, there are no long-term side effects of using Mellow calming spray. 

If your dog is sprayed directly with Mellow cat calming spray, don’t fret. Mellow is a water-based spray. If you notice signs of irritation on your cat's skin, contact your veterinarian.

How long will it take to see results?

You should see the calming effects of Mellow in just a few days. Every cat’s reaction is different! If you have questions, reach out to us at help@petfriendlybox.com.

Why should I try it?

Mellow is developed by scientists and brings serenity and calming properties to your home at an affordable price. Mellow is vet-tested and recommended for anxious cats.

Where can I use it?

You can use Mellow wherever your cat lives and plays. Spray it where your cat spends most of their time and enjoy its calming effects.

Plus, it’s travel-friendly! Use our cat calming spray in your cat's carrier as a drug-free solution for how to travel with a cat stress-free. You can spray Mellow in places like:

  • Hotel rooms

  • Vacation rentals

  • Carriers

  • Crates

  • Car seats

Are cat pheromone sprays safe for cats?

Mellow is made with natural, safe ingredients to make your cat feel calm. Mellow is safe to use around other pets and humans in your home.

How often do I have to replace it?

Our calming spray is fast-acting and long-lasting. With 3-5 sprays per day, the bottle usually lasts around 30 days. Pet parents should recycle the spray bottle when their next box arrives.

Does it have a smell?

Mellow has a fresh, lavender chamomile smell

How do I know if it's working?

Mellow spray mimics pheromones in your cat’s environment. It does not have a strong smell, but your cat can detect and feel the effects.

Your cat may show signs of calmness like napping and lying down more often when you use Mellow in their environment.

What is the best product to calm cats?

Mellow Cat Calming Spray is developed by scientists and vet-recommended to treat separation anxiety, promote bonding in new environments, stop scratching and other anxious behaviors, and reduce litter box aggression in multi-cat households.

If your cat struggles to get along with other cats in your home or has anxious behaviors, Mellow may be the best option for them.

If you aren't completely satisfied with Mellow's results, let us know at help@petfriendlybox.com. We're happy to help!

How is Mellow different from other calming sprays?

Mellow Cat Calming Spray is automatically delivered to your door every month with a PetFriendly subscription. Plus, Mellow's pheromone technology was developed by scientists and tested by veterinarians to help cats feel calm in new environments and challenging situations.

Does Mellow compare to FELIWAY® Classic Spray?

FELIWAY® Classic Spray is made specifically to reduce scratching, urine spraying, and other signs of stress in cats. Mellow is different from FELIWAY® spray because it is effective for dogs and cats. Plus, Mellow contains different pheromones that curb unwanted behaviors and keep your pets calm in a stressful situation.

Can I spray it in a cat carrier?

Yes! Pet parents can apply a few spritzes in their cat's carrier before a car ride or vet visit to keep their kitty calm.

Why should I try calming products from PetFriendly?

With wallet-friendly prices and convenient monthly delivery, keeping your cat's health top of mind has never been easier. Pet parents can pause or cancel their subscription anytime, and our vet team is available to answer any questions.

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