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Cat Calming, Cat Ear Wipes, and Cat Treats

The Cat Pack

Keep your cat cool, calm, and clean with one simple kit. It’s a simple way to round out your cat's wellness routine.


What you'll get

  • 1 Mellow calming diffuser

  • 3 Mellow refills (90-day supply)

  • 1 Mellow calming spray (30-day supply)

  • 1 jar of Squeaky ear wipes (100 ct.)

  • 3 bags of Bug Bites cat treats

Tips for use

Unbox your Cat Pack as soon as it arrives. Place your extra Mellow Diffuser refills and cat treats in a cabinet for convenient storage.

  • To use Mellow: Place the diffuser in an area where your cat likes to live and play. Replace the refill every 30 days. Spray 3-5 spritzes of Mellow spray in the car or at home to lower stress. Recycle the bottle after 30 days.

  • To use Squeaky Ear Wipes: Turn the jar upside down to distribute the ear solution.Use 1-2 wipes in each ear daily to clean your cat’s ears. For excessive buildup, you may need to use extra wipes.

  • To use Bug Bites™: Treat your kitty with Bug Bites™ when applying flea and tick treatment, training for obedience, and snuggling and loving on your cat.

Reduce cat anxiety

Mellow Calming Collection

Mellow pheromone technology keeps your cat calm, cool, and collected in stressful situations.

Maintain clean, healthy ears

Squeaky Ear Wipes

Soft, gentle ear wipes free of harmful ingredients that work to:

  • Remove odor

  • Clean and freshen skin

  • Help prevent ear infections

Tasty, all-natural cat treats

Bug Bites™

A nutritional treat for cats, sustainably made with renewable ingredients to keep cats happy and feeling loved.


Complete care for your feline friend

Meet the complete kit for keeping your cat cool, calm, and clean. Stock up on all of your favorites with one kit — the perfect way to round out your cat's wellness regimen.

  • Mellow effectively reduces anxiety and stress

  • Squeaky keeps ears clean to help prevent infections

  • Bug Bites™ are nutritious treats that cats love

  • 50% Bundle Savings: Get everything in one kit and save

What's in the pack

Frequently Asked Questions

About The Cat Pack

Want to learn more about our Cat Pack? Explore these commonly asked questions and discover the benefits you could be giving your cat.

What comes in The Cat Pack?

Every Cat Pack comes with:

  • 1 Mellow calming diffuser

  • 3 Mellow refills (90-day supply)

  • 1 Mellow calming spray (30-day supply)

  • 1 jar of Squeaky ear wipes (100 ct.)

  • 3 bags of Bug Bites cat treats

What is the price?

Our Cat Pack has a value of $131 — but you can get it for just $65.50.

How do pheromone diffusers work?

Mellow uses Passive Evaporation Technology (P.E.T.) to release pheromones into your pet’s environment. No outlet or electricity is necessary — simply place the cartridge into the holder, and enjoy the calming benefits of Mellow for up to 30 days.

Does the Mellow Spray or Diffuser have a smell?

Mellow Spray and Diffuser have a fresh, clean smell.

Can I use Mellow around other pets?

Yes! Mellow is safe for use around other pets like dogs, and humans.

What are Squeaky Ear Wipes?

Squeaky Ear Wipes are soft, gentle ear wipes that work to remove odor, clean skin, and prevent infections.

Does my cat need ear wipes?

Squeaky effectively removes dirt and ear wax to reduce odor and help prevent ear infections and irritation. But, we always recommend consulting your veterinarian before using a new product on your cats.

How do I gently wipe my cat's ear canal?

Use the one-knuckle rule when using ear wipes in your cat's ears:

  • Use 1 wipe in each ear every day to keep their ears clean and fresh.

  • Don't go any deeper than the length of one knuckle from the opening of the ear.

  • Do not put your finger into your cat's ear canal.

  • Use the tip of your finger to gently wipe the outer part of your cat's ears to remove wax, dirt, and discharge.

What are Bug Bites™?

Bug Bites are all-natural, tasty cat treats that kitties love. Made with renewable ingredients, Bug Bites are sustainably sourced and artisanally made to crunchy perfection.

What are Bug Bites™ made of?

Bug Bites™ contains the following ingredients:

  • Corn

  • Wheat flour

  • Soybean meal

  • Cane molasses

  • Black soldier fly larvae

  • Hydrolyzed yeast protein

  • Canola oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols)

  • Sodium bicarbonate

  • Rosemary extract

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