Happiness Guarantee

We at PetFriendly are committed to the well-being of your pets. If you find that your flea problem persists despite using our CycleKiller product, we offer a money-back guarantee under the following terms:

  1. Duration. If your flea problem isn’t solved within 30 days of using CycleKiller, please contact our Customer Happiness team.

  2. Refund Request: You can request a refund within 45 days of purchase by contacting us at help@petfriendlybox.com.

  3. Qualification for Refund: To qualify for a refund, you must have strictly followed all steps within the CycleKiller treatment process, which includes:

    1. Completing every step according to the outlined timeline provided with the product.

    2. Simultaneously treating all cats and dogs within your household with CycleKiller.

    3. Conducting a consultation phone call with our veterinary team to address your flea problem, and following all recommendations they provide.

  4. Voidance of Guarantee: The guarantee is voided if:

    1. Not all cats and dogs in the household have been treated with CycleKiller.

    2. Your failure to adhere to the CycleKiller treatment process, including, but not limited to, allowing your pets come into contact with animals outside the home during the treatment period.

    3. The household spray provided with CycleKiller was not used according to the appropriate instructions for the size of your house.

    4. The consultation phone call with our veterinary team has not been completed, or you fail to comply with their recommendations.

    5. There are other species of pets in the home besides cats and dogs.

    6. Your refund request is not submitted within 45 days of purchase.

  5. Prevention Disclaimer: While CycleKiller effectively eradicates fleas on pets and within the home, at the time of use, it does not prevent future flea infestations. Monthly prevention measures are necessary to avoid future flea problems.

  6. Refund Option: So long as you meet the requirements of Section 3, and the guarantee is not voided pursuant to Section 4, and subject to Section 7, at your option we will –

    1. Option A: Credit your PetFriendly account the purchase price paid for CycleKiller to be used towards other PetFriendly products of your choice; or

    2. Option B: Refund you the purchase price paid for CycleKiller.

  7. Non-Refundable Shipping Costs: Please note that shipping costs associated with your purchase cannot be refunded whether you select Option A or Option B. The value of shipping is estimated at $45.

We stand behind the effectiveness of CycleKiller and are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our money-back guarantee or the CycleKiller product, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your trust in PetFriendlyBox is our priority.