Topical Flea & Tick Prevention for Cats

Paws Plus® for Cats

Paws Plus® for Cats is a topical flea and tick treatment for cats and kittens at least 8 weeks and older and more than 1.5 pounds.

Our vet-quality treatment is effective at killing and preventing all three life stages of biting fleas and ticks, mosquitoes, and chewing lice.

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Affordable for Big Families

Multi-Pet Pricing

1 pet @ $12 $12
2 pets @ $11 $24 $22
3 pets @ $10 $36 $30
4 pets @ $9 $48 $36
5 pets @ $8 $60 $40
@ $8 $ $
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Your cat’s the star of each box!

Same active ingredients as Frontline Plus for Cats.*

Safe & effective treatment for cats

Made in the USA and Germany, Paws Plus® for Cats is EPA-approved flea and tick topical protection delivered to your door on application day.

All cats are “Plus” size

Custom flea and tick treatment

Your cat is the star of their own treatment box. Match the name and photo with the corresponding pet to ensure they’re getting the right treatment every time. Paws Plus® for Cats is perfect for cats 8 weeks of age or older and over 1.5 lbs.

Personalized Pet Health Products for Cats and Dogs
Your Cat's the Star, No Prescription, Great Price

No confusion

Each cat stars — magnificently — on their own treatment box. It’s human proof.

How to apply flea & tick treatment

  1. Prepare

    Match Cat With Photo on the Box
  2. Apply

    Applying Topical Treatment to Cat
  3. Treat

    Woman Snuggling with Cat After Treatment


We deliver your flea treatment for cats every month right on time.

Best Flea Treatment for Cats, Free Shipping, Affordable Price

Questions or concerns? Contact us right away. We're available Monday-Friday from 9 am to 5 pm CT.

Paws Plus for Cats

Full Instructions

Paws Plus for Cats is
regulated and approved by the EPA.

Paws Plus® for Cats

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