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Topical Cat Flea Treatment

Purrs Advance®

Personalized, topical cat flea treatment delivered to your door. Kills and prevents all three life-cycle stages of biting fleas.

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Purrs Advance® for Cats is a monthly topical solution that:

  • Rapidly and critically kills and repels all three life stages of biting fleas.

  • Is effective at killing fleas quickly and continues to prevent reinfestations for up to 30 days.

  • May reduce the incidence of flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), a hypersensitivity skin disorder that can occur from flea bites.

How to use

  1. Prepare
    Fold back the safety tab and use scissors to snip the tip. Use the safety tab as a kickstand while you locate your cat. Your cat must be dry at the time of application.

  2. Apply
    Part your cat's hair with a flea comb or your fingers and touch the applicator’s tip to your cat's skin. Then, gently squeeze the applicator to apply the entire contents above their shoulder blades at the base of their skull. Ensure the liquid doesn’t run off their side and only apply one applicator per cat, regardless of weight. Do not allow your cat to ingest or get this treatment into their eyes.

  3. Relax
    Keep your treated cat dry for at least 24 hours after application. Avoid contact with humans and other pets until the treatment is completely dry. Once the treatment has dried, immediately resume snuggling.

  4. Repeat
    We deliver your flea treatment for cats every month right on time. Questions or concerns? Contact us at help@petfriendlybox.com.

Important info

Purrs Advance® for Cats is a topical flea treatment for cats and kittens at least 8 weeks and older and more than 2 pounds. Our vet-quality treatment is effective at killing and preventing all three life stages of biting fleas (flea eggs, flea larvae, and adult fleas).

Topical Flea Treatment for Cats

Big name ingredients, friendly price

*This product is not manufactured or distributed by Elanco, the maker of Advantage® II for Cats. Advantage® II for Cats is a registered trademark of Elanco.

Safe & effective flea control products

Vet-quality, wallet-friendly

Made in the USA and Germany, Purrs Advance® for Cats is EPA-approved, topical flea protection delivered to your door on application day.

"PetFriendly’s topical flea products for cats compare the leading brands and are the best choice when protecting your pet. Purrs Advance® is affordable for pet parents without losing the quality that vets recommend.”

Dr. Olaf Hansen, DVM

PetFriendly Vet Team

Custom cat flea medicine

The perfect fit for every cat

Purrs Advance® for Cats comes in 3 sizes based on your cat's unique weight. Purrs Advance® for Cats is perfect for cats 8 weeks of age or older and over 2 lbs.

Personalized, vet-quality flea treatment

Your cat’s the star of the box

Match the name and photo with the corresponding pet to ensure they’re getting the right treatment every time. The best flea treatment for cats is human-proof so you can forget about remembering.

How to Apply Topical Treatment

Remove the applicator, fold back the safety tab, and cut the tip. Locate your cat, they should be at the time of application.
Part your cat’s hair and apply the entire treatment in one spot above their shoulder blades at the base of their skull.
Do not bathe your cat for at least 48 hours. Once the treatment has dried, immediately resume snuggling.
Your monthly delivery is perfectly timed to keep your pet protected from fleas.
Full instructions

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Purrs Advance® for Cats

Want to learn more? Explore our commonly asked questions about our topical flea treatment for cats.

What are the ingredients?

Our Purrs Advance® for Cats topical product is produced in the USA and contains the active ingredients in Elanco’s Advantage® II for Cats:

Purrs Advance® for Cats is EPA-approved safe and effective. The primary active ingredient is featured in big-name brands, and PetFriendly products are customized and conveniently delivered straight to your door at an affordable price.

What does it do?

Purrs Advance® for Cats:

What does it cover?

Purrs Advance® for Cats is a topical flea preventative that kills fleas through contact. This helps reduce the incidence of flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), a hypersensitivity skin disorder that the feeding activity of fleas may induce.

Purrs Advance® does not kill or repel ticks (like American dog ticks). If you have an outdoor cat, consider tick medications to avoid tick bites. Outdoor and indoor cats alike are both great at grooming and often take care of ticks on their own.

Does it require a prescription?

Nope! Purrs Advance® for Cats is delivered straight to your door without a prescription or trip to the store.

Is it waterproof? What about bathing?

Purrs Advance® for Cats is waterproof 24 hours after application but requires the natural oils in your cat’s fur and skin to properly distribute the active ingredients. We recommend avoiding bathing or swimming for 24-48 hours before and after treatment.

Can I use other flea treatments (like flea collars or flea shampoo) in combination?

We recommend you pick one brand and stick to that flea treatment exclusively:

  • If you are using another topical brand (like Chewy Onguard Plus®, Frontline Plus®, or Bravecto®), we recommend bathing your cat in degreasing dish soap and applying our topical flea prevention 24-48 hours after.

  • If you are using a flea collar (Seresto® Flea Collar), we recommend bathing your cat in Dawn dish soap and applying our topical medication 24-48 hours after.

  • If you are treating with oral medications (like Capstar® or Revolution Plus®), we recommend waiting 30 days after treating your cat before applying our topical solution.

  • If you use or have already used flea shampoos, but want to switch to Purrs Advance® for Cats, please contact our veterinarian team at help@petfriendlybox.com.

Why don't you offer oral flea treatment for cats and kittens?

We currently offer topical treatments for cats because they are the most convenient and effective way to kill and prevent pests and parasites. We started with a topical rather than an oral treatment because:

  • Oral flea and tick treatments reside in your cat’s bloodstream. This requires insects to bite your cat to be effective. That bite can lead to other health problems for your cat like Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD).

  • Oral flea and tick treatments typically require a prescription. Most oral treatments require a prescription from your veterinarian. Purrs Advance® for Cats is an over-the-counter topical flea treatment that gets delivered to your door just a few days after signing up.

  • Oral flea and tick treatments are often more expensive. Purrs Advance® for Cats costs 20-40% less than the big brands (like Revolution Plus®). We also provide bonus treats in every box. Plus, you'll save on the time and cost of a veterinarian visit.

Pet owners know, that choosing the best flea treatments for cats depends on several factors. Some treatments have been linked to neurologic disorders. But, no matter what you choose, consult with your veterinarian about potential risks.

How do I apply and how long does it last?

It should be applied once per month to kill fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae. This product does not give us the option to apply multiple treatments if there is an infestation when starting treatment.

How is it dosed? Can I share split treatments between my cats?

One dose of Purrs Advance® for Cats is EPA-approved safe and effective for cats weighing at least 2 pounds. Purrs Advance® comes in three weight breaks: 2 to 5 lbs, 5 to 9 lbs, and over 9 lbs.

We always recommend using the proper size product for your pet. The ingredients are in a liquid form and we want to be certain you are applying the proper amount for your pet. Incorrect dosing could lead to ineffective pest control or an overdose for your pet.

Does it cause any side effects?

While typically very rare, flea and tick treatment options (topicals, chewable, prescription oral flea and tick treatment, wearable treatments like flea collars) can cause mild side effects. The most common health-related symptoms include:

  • Hair loss

  • Skin irritation

  • Gastrointestinal problems

  • Lethargy

Other symptoms (like blood loss or anemia) are often related to a flea infection. In either case, contact your vet right away. You can also reach our emergency medical line at (888) 738-3911 — they are available 24/7.

How old does my kitten need to be?

Your cat should be 8 weeks and over and at least 2 lbs to use this topical treatment.

Is it safe for dogs, rabbits, or other pets?

No! Purrs Advance® for Cats is a product for cats only. Never use Purrs Advance® on dogs, rabbits, or other animals. Canine parents: Wags Advance® for Dogs is for you!

Does it work against ear mites?

This product does not work against heartworms, ear mites, roundworms, hookworms, or tapeworms. You will need a heartworm preventative in addition to this product. But, this product prevents and kills all stages of biting fleas.

After applying treatment my cat is scratching and irritated, what should I do?

Don’t panic! This is a temporary condition called paresthesia. Your cat may experience a tingling sensation which causes them to be irritated or scratch. We recommend bathing your cat with a degreasing soap and notifying your veterinarian. If it doesn’t get better or worsens, contact your veterinarian or call our emergency medical line at (888) 738-3911.

I applied the product, but it’s not working!

You’re not alone, and we’re here to help. Our vet staff has helped thousands of humans dealing with active flea issues experience flea freedom!

If your pet had an active infestation before the application of the product, it may take a month or so to break the flea life cycle. We recommend treating your home with a household spray that has IGRs. This will also help to break the lifecycle. If you have questions, please let us know at help@petfriendlybox.com.

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