How to Apply Wags Advance® for Dogs


Locate your dog

Nice work, dog parent! You have the world’s most convenient, affordable, dependable flea & tick product — now find the dog that matches the box.

  • Confirm your dog’s weight still matches the range listed on the box. (Pro Tip: Update photos of your pets anytime!)

  • Use a treat we included in this box as a tasty distraction.

  • Don’t bathe your dog 48 hours before applying — the skin’s natural oils increase effectiveness.


Prepare applicator

First, remove the tube from the package. Next, hold vertically and use scissors to snip the tip.


Apply treatment

First, part your dog’s hair at their neck (base of the skull). Next, touch the applicator’s tip to the skin. Then, gently squeeze the tube to apply the entire treatment equally at 3-4 spots, ending at their tail’s base.

  • Your dog should be standing for the treatment.

  • Ensure the liquid doesn’t run off your dog’s side.

  • Avoid contact with the treated area until dry.


Discard properly

Ensure the applicator is empty, then place it in the trash. If any treatment remains in the applicator, call your local solid waste agency for disposal instructions. Never place unused treatment down any indoor or outdoor drain.


Love on your dog

Once treatment has dried, immediately resume snuggling. We want both you and your dog to be excited for PetFriendly time. Giving them lots of love before and after will help ensure it!

  • Avoid contact with treated areas until dry.

  • Don’t bathe your dog for 48 hours after application.

  • Don’t be alarmed if your dog experiences minor itching or acts sleepy for a couple of days following treatment.

  • Questions or concerns? Please contact us right away.

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